Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Revamped shoes!

I finally got around to making my revamped shoes! They turned out great, if i do say so myself! I first saw this idea on "the dainty squid blog" entitled "diy shoe fringe" and it took me forever to find the right kind of shoes at the thrift store...but I finally did and this is what they look like now. Sorry I didn't take a before picture, I didn't have time this morning when I took these pics. Oh well.

This picture is a little bit blurry...sorry, I was in a hurry this morning when I took it.  The shoe is somewhat higher than I wanted it to be.  I wanted more of a flat oxford loafer style but at least this shoe is all leather.  It's a nice shoe and fits well, kinda heavy but a good shoe.
I bought a sheet of leather at Michaels and followed The Daity Squid's tutorial.  First I gave them a good cleaning inside and out, then a good coat of polish...after I put the fringe on I decided that I didn't like the original black waxed shoelaces and remembered seeing how to use other things for shoelaces on Pinterest.  So I broke out my handy dandy box of bias tape and made me a pair of shoelaces too.  That was easy as well, I just folded, ironed and sewed the bias tape and after lacing up the shoe, I tied the ends.  Tah-Dah!

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