Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day Weekend!

Our Father's Day weekend was fun!
 First thing Friday after work, Scott and I got busy getting the crib out of Clarissa's room and her new big girl bed set up.  We decided to put the mattresses on the floor and wait on the frame, headboard, foot board until Peanut gets comfy with the idea.  So far so good, she's been sleeping through the night for four nights in a row!  Yeah, Clarissa has just now set a record!

I still need to hem the cutains. 
Doing some thrift shopping and getting daddy's father's day gift Saturday. 
Playing guitar with daddy!  She loves it as much as he does! 
For father's day Clarissa and I decided to get daddy a mini Japanese Maple for the backyard...still need to plant it though...not enough time in the weekend! 
Sunday morning daddy fixed us (wait shouldn't that be the other way around?) homemade bran, banana and chocolate chip muffins! 
Enjoying the day with daddy and poppa Sunday afternoon...Clarissa wanted to eat all of the goodies Angie gave poppa from the Fresh Market!  She kept begging us all to have some. 
Daddy getting ready to go out of town for a few days, we were talking about the weekend ahead and how it's going to get really hot so we need to make a trip to the big pool so Clarissa wanted to try on her bathing suit we brought back from New York...then she wanted to try on her new galoshes and then after seeing this, daddy suggested that I get a cowboy hat for some pictures! 
She kept saying "Yeah Houw!" (with an accent) and she was actually posing for me! 
I'm loving the diaper sticking out of the bottoms of the bathing suit!

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