Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Currently (from my smash journal)


1.  Listening to:  WNCW (all day at my desk)

2.  Eating:  Planters Nutrition Almonds

3.  Drinking:  Water (I try to drink water throughout the day...not so easy some times)

4.  Wearing:  A gray dress with black lace leggings and black flats

5.  Feeling:  Hungry and creative (think I might go home for lunch and paint while I eat)

6.  Weather:  Very sunny and getting hot!  (love summer, the heat and humidity here in Greenville, SC)

7.  Wanting:  To win the lottery so I could work for myself

8.  Needing:  To win the lottery!

9.  Thinking:  About what we are doing tonight when Scott gets home from his quick trip to Florida

10.  Enjoying:  Life...always!  Be happy, don't worry!

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