Tuesday, May 22, 2012

weekend update

Friday Clarissa went to work with me and it was the best day ever at work for a change!  She really liked making my phone ring by pushing a button and then answering it, having a conversation with daddy, hanging up and then doing it all over again until I finally made her stop.  She then got busy drawing and turning my office into a complete disaster!  But it made the day much more enjoyable with her with me that's for sure, no matter how big the mess was! 
Pnut drawing on Mommy's note pad.

She found some money in my office and claimed it right away!

Friday night we walked for Lisa Vaughn in the Walk For Life cancer walk in Spartanburg.  We participated in the opening ceremony with GOS which was so special remembering Lisa.  After the opening ceremony we left to pick up pizza and head home.  It was a beautiful night!

Saturday Clarissa and I went to Russ and Harris' yard sale!  We didn't get there until late so a lot of stuff was already gone, but we still had a great treasure hunt and found some goodies people had obviously missed!!! 
collage print

Weiner dog planter

Misc. linens, priced at ONE dollar each, can you believe it?

After we shopped and collected our goodies, we headed over to Scott Marcley's house to check out his garden and decorating...not too bad Scott!  Clarissa had never met Scott but she remembered his name the next day...she kept calling him Snot Barkley!

An original Jim McNeely! 
Jim is so creative, I hope he is still making art!

I really wanted to purchase one of Jim McNeely's sculptures but Clarissa was afraid of them so I didn't want to upset her even more by putting one in our house!  Seeing these great creations of Jim's made me remember how awesome of an artist he is!!!!!!  Where are you Jim McNeely, a/k/a The Crusher!

After lunch and a nap we headed out to eat sushi and then to the Art Bomb...speaking of The Crusher, Jim and I were the official brain stormers and creators of the Art Bomb back in the day.  We started out having meetings at my house on Cary Street.  We critiqued each others work, discussed ideas and talked about art shows we wanted to have, and on occasion, we had those art shows...  Eventually we all went our separate ways until one day Diane Kilgore, one of the members from the beginning, bought a building in Greenville's West End and called it...the Art Bomb.

Clarissa really enjoyed the toy horsey in the backyard!

Then Sunday morning Scott cooked us french toast, our favorite breakfast ever!  Reece had brought us over fresh picked strawberries the day before, those just made the toast even better!!!!

 Sunday was a beautiful day, Clarissa decided to wear her crown while we worked in the yard that afternoon.  She made these great little sand, leaf and stick arrangements while Scott and I painted stuff and finished up her easel.



I could not believe how awesome the easel turned out.  I think I payed about five bucks for it and look at what it turned out to look like, I'm so excited!!!

I've been looking for one of these little houses to start mine and Clarissa's collection of turnupstuffing.  And I finally found one!  I primed and have already started painting each square a different color.

Sunday we found these feathers to add to our little house!

I find it interesting how hydrangeas grow and how the color comes in on one plant.  This is a pink flower and a blue flower on one plant!

Hope you have a great week!

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