Thursday, May 17, 2012

Weekend Update!

Sorry I haven't posted lately, been a little busy with life! 
We had a great Mother's Day weekend even though the weather was nasty!  Friday night Scott and I went on a DATE!  Yeah!  We had a great time but when the movie was over we were ready to pick up that little Pnut, take her home and kiss, cuddle and tickle her until we all fell asleep! 
We went to see Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp!!!  It was dark and funny at the same time  That's hard to imagine but if you think about it, Depp is not your usual actor and can pull this off awesomely!  We thought we were going to have time for sushi before the movie but decided on mexican instead...not quite as good but hit the spot and the restaurant was close to the theater.  Maybe sushi this weekend!
Donut holes early Saturday morning!
Hanging with daddy taking pictures...can you see Clarissa in this picture?  I couldn't see her, but when I asked her to show me her face, she pointed right to it!
Saturday I had to get my hair "did" so that was my morning while Clarissa and daddy hung out together.  There's nothing like one-on-one time with Clarissa, she makes you laugh and see things differently...I think they took pictures, watched some favorite shows together and played with Nibbles.  Once I got back we ate lunch and took naps, nothing like a nap on a Saturday afternoon!  Once naps were all over we ventured out to pick up goodies for our evening at the Dosher's and our Mothers Day Cookout (in the rain) planned for Sunday. 
Playing in leaves Lewis raked for mulch.  Clarissa made sure they were all back in place before she left, yeah right! 

The Doshers were kind enough to invite Scott, Clarissa, me and Angie over for an Italian dinner...pasta, salad and italian burritos...yummy, yummy, yummy!  I ate way too much for my dinner and then ate two pieces of pie!  One pie was a mango key lime from Publix and the other was a homemade pineapple pie Karen made...delicious!!!  We had a great time discussing gardens, walking through the woods, drinking good wine and last but not least, playing a little guitar and singing as the evening came to an end.  Very nice and relaxing evening with wonderful interesting people...thanks Dosher Family! 
Can you see the frog?

Lewis and Karen's garden, beautiful!  They live on a ton of acres and had three gardens!
Clarissa and daddy having fun in the woods!

Dinner's almost ready!

On our way to the woods for our walk...

Clarissa kept saying we were in the jungle.

Cows weren't out...must have been put up for the night.  I was really looking forward to seeing them though.
Sunday was a little hectic to start off.  Clarissa had that awful sickness, hand, foot and mouth!  I know, that sounds like a mad cow disease!  She mostly just gets sores in her mouth but they are very painful to her and she can't drink or eat!  Poor Rissa!!!!  She was not a happy camper but feeling much better today, finally.  But we went ahead and had the family over for Mother's Day...Scott cooked us burgers on the grill with slaw and baked beans.  Angie brought over brownies and we all ate at least two each!  The day turned out very rewarding even though the sun never came out.  The best part of the day was when Clarissa told Lib (Ronnie's mom) Happy Mother's Day!  It was sweet and I know it made Lib very happy!
Thanks for a GREAT Mother's Day Scott and Clarissa!
This weekend I decided to carry my Nikon D90 to take my pictures this weekend.  When Scott bought it for me on my 40th birthday (I think it was #40), he said I had to learn how to use it and USE it!  Well, I skimmed the booklet and thought I understood but...sometimes it takes some time to learn stuff like this...and remember from school all the photo rules and stuff.  Not to mention the fact that sometimes it also takes that light bulb a little bit longer to go off with complicated equipment like this (for me at least).  But at any rate the light bulb finally went off and I believe I'm feeling a little more comfy with my Nikon D90 and am going to make it a priority to use it more often instead of my Cannon Elf (that I love so much).  I might have to get a bigger weekend bag so I can carry them both!  Good excuse to buy another bag!!!!

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