Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekend Update!

I live for Thursdays cause that means you've almost made it to the weekend and you've got the excitement of Friday ahead of you!  That way it kinda makes me feel like my weekend is longer than it really is...weekends...I love the weekend! 
Friday night we went to the grocery store!  Yeah, grocery store!  It never has been that fun to me but now that Clarissa goes with us, it makes it much more enjoyable! 
I can't remember if this was after we got back from the grocery store or before we went.  At any rate, Clarissa is beginning to use her potty more often than her diaper!  It's been pretty easy but I'm sure we have a lot more learning to do.  She's figured out that if she does anything in her potty she gets a few Skittles so thanks to Skittles, Pnut uses the potty a lot!

Saturday we had a cookout with some friends over.  Wendy and Steve, baby Lanny and big sister Claire.  Clarissa was so excited to have Clarissa over to play in her new sandbox!
Claire and Rissa had a great time playing in the sandbox.  They really just wanted to get all of the sand out of the box!!!!!  Not sure why, but they both had the same idea... 
Sweet feet! 
Sweet girls! 
Riding the school bus, Lanny too! 
Clarissa was very concerned and fascinated with Lanny.

I think Clarissa would be a great Big Sissy! 
Little Lanny hanging out...she wanted to play with the girls so bad!!!! 
Pancakes for breakfast...more butter plez! 
I've almost got the easel finished...one more coat of paint and then I think I might sand it down a little to ruff it up some then put it back together again...it will look brand new!!!

The garden is coming along very well.  I'm having a few battles with a cat I believe but other than that, all is good!  I can't wait to harvest some tasty matters.  I'm looking forward to a matter sandwich with lots of mayo!!!!!

Clarissa and I bought a maple tree at a yard sale a few weekends ago and Scott finally had a chance to plant it for us in the front yard.  We thought it was pretty cool that the tree was about the same size as Clarissa (26 months old). 
Clarissa helped us out in the yard this weekend by picking the clover flowers. 

A little girl and her dogie...sweetness!

Scott was busy cleaning up, picking up and hanging stuff.  The deck and surrounding the house looks really nice now after Scott's hard work this weekend!  Makes you wanta spend more time outside when it's nice and neat and clean.  Thanks Scott! 
This area of the deck is coming along.  We planted the bamboo years ago and its finally growing up and covering the area giving us much privacy.  I like the feeling it has, a nice place to enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine. 
Another busy weekend behind us that was so much enjoyed.  I can't wait for the next one and the next and the next!  I'm really looking forward to a fun summer!

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