Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekend Update!

Clarissa and I started off the weekend by heading out to some yard sales in our neighborhood while daddy fixed poppa's computer...he had a bad virus!
Then we headed back to the house to pick up daddy just in time to meet meme at the Swamp Rabbit Cafes Spring Flea...we had a good time shopping the booths of local art, handmade treats and re-purposed vintage goods.  We purchased a really cool flying pig piggy bank that I totally forgot to take a picture of...oh well, later I guess.  But I did manage to get this picture of Pnut in her Radio Flyer wagon with her little doggie Nibbles. It was cold Saturday morning!

After lunch at Mojo's with meme we headed to the house for a nap...once we got inside the house Nibbles and Clarissa passed out cold for about an hour and a half, those girls were tired!  Then I just couldn't resist heading out to the thrift store.  We're looking for several things...a storm damaged our outside table so we thought we might find something at the the thrift store to use instead of purchasing expensive outdoor furniture.  No luck yet though.  Daddy found this hat for Clarissa but we didn't get it, she just wanted to try it on and pose...silly girl!  She was busy swinging a bear in a baby swing while getting her picture made.

I got these canisters at a yard sale, I have this thing for containers and boxes...among other things I collect!  "You make things better" is going to be a gift for a very special person!  She probably won't see this post so it's okay to share.

The other thing we were looking for was a suitcase that Nibbles would fit in so we can make a few of those doggie bed suitcases for the house and cars.  They look cool and will be really comfy for Nibbles to snooze in while laying in the sun.
Like this:

Also at a yard sale, we found some onion paper. 
This stuff is so hard to find, so of course I grabbed it up!
It's great to use for a collage or bookmaking.

At the thrift store I found this awesome jumper for Clarissa.  It says its a size 4T but it's very small, I think she might even be able to wear it now.  It's IZOD!  Blast from the past!!!  I love the colors, pink, blue and green with white piping.  Pnut can play tennis in this outfit!

There's nothing like a Strawberry Shortcake gown!  Sorry I loaded the picture upside down!

Found these Sesame Street Treasury books at the thrift store and couldn't stop reading them myself!

After all the shopping we did Saturday we enjoyed sushi for dinner at Irashiai.  Clarissa likes to get the pork gyoza and edemame.  Then she's ready to go and purchase her treat in the machine at the door, with her money she saves to do so!  This time she selected Skittles.  She quietly sat  and ate them one by one...

Then the sugar high!!!!!!

Sunday we visited neana, poppa and Angie for lunch while daddy had a big music day with Carsyn and Wilson.  They worked on getting The Ragged Orchids album finished up!!!!  Yeah!!!!  It seems like it has taken forever!  I will be glad to have Scott back once it's done!

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