Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weekend Update!

This weekend was kinda laid back for a change. 
Scott had to work again and the weather was kinda rainy and cold so Clarissa and I kinda took things a little slower than usual.
Saturday we went to a couple of thrift stores, one in the morning and one that afternoon.  We didn't find much but in the afternoon we ran into some friends at Habitat that I haven't seen (one of them) in a long time, so that was nice.  Clarissa found a play mini vanity, she saw from afar, ran over to it, picked it up and said "I'm getting this!" as if she had found her treasure for the day.  It was quite funny, my little girl is learning to thrift shop like a pro! 
Saturday evening we took Clarissa to neana and poppa's for dinner and a bath while Scott and I went to the Spartanburg Regional fund raising event whose speakers were Ben & Jerry.
(Scott, me, Cindy and John:  We had just had our picture made with Ben & Jerry)
Sunday we had french toast for breakfast and a pretty relaxing day after that. 
The sun was in and out so we just hung around the house doing misc. things and went to the grocery store later in the day after the rain. 
Scott cooked chicken tacos and slaw for dinner...yummy!
We also ate ice cream!
But the biggest news to report is that we have a new member of our family!  She weighs 8 pounds and is tan and brown with big ears!  We've been talking about getting a doggie for a long time but never said exactly when, maybe waiting until Clarissa was a little older.  But this weekend while we were at the party Saturday night Ms. Cindy Southers, one of the biggest dog lovers you will ever meet, told us about this little dog that she was trying to find a home for.  She said you guys would be the perfect family for her.  After some lengthy discussions and thoughts going back and forth whether or not to get her...we decided to get her!  So now I present...Princess Nibbles!
Presenting "Princess Nibbles"

It's hard to see but this picture is Nibbles' in bed with Clarissa Tuesday morning, helping me wake her up!

Clarissa and Nibbles meet for the first time April 23, 2012!

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