Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekend Update!

I like to try to post on Mondays "Weekend Update" but yesterday was brutal at work so I didn't have the time and when 5:00 comes knocking at my door, everything shuts down!
But at last, here we go...as always we had a busy great weekend. We always, no matter what, try to do as much as possible on the weekends! The time is precious and cherished so there's a lot of fun stuff and work stuff to help balance it all out.
Poor Scott had to work work all day Saturday so me and Clarissa decided to do some yard sale shopping. We drove by two and stopped at two. Only one was good enough to mention...there we got a really nice maple tree for the front yard, a set of colored pencils and a used watercolor pack with a Winsor & Newton paint brush in it! Oh, and the yard sale lady let Clarissa pick out a toy for FREE! Then we met Scott for lunch at Acropolis on Pelham then home for a nap. Since I had some free time by myself I decided to do some experimenting on some new art project ideas...I believe I like them so far, but still have a few more things to do before I add the polyurethane. I love adding a layer of polyurethane to my smaller pieces. It really adds an extra layer of depth.
After Clarissa's nap, we hoped in the car and drove over to one of my favorite thrift stores and found this!
Fisher Price Pop Up Camper Trailer
Both the house and the camper/truck are missing some pieces but I didn't pay much for them both. Together they cost me about 12 bucks so I can't complain.  I just need to see if I can find the furniture and people!  That shouldn't be too hard, I hope!

Clarissa loves playing with them!  Here, she's saying "cheese" in her jammies :)

Tah-Dah!  The Fisher Price A-Frame House!!!!!

Great condition too!

Sliding doors on both sides in GREAT condition!

How cool is this puppy?

I couldn't believe it when I saw them on the counter! I almost feel over myself when I reached out to get them, I just didn't want anyone to get them before me (sorry, don't mean to sound greedy). I couldn't believe my eyes!!!! I've seen them before online on other people's blogs but never thought I would see one in person that I could buy myself.
I think I've played with it as much if not more than Clarissa has! The A-frame playhouse has sliding glass doors downstairs and a little fireplace and kitchen inside. The patio is on the side of the house and is removable. The house goes perfect with the little truck and pop-up camper. I've always wanted a camper so maybe this will be good enough until I can find one that's just perfect for us! The only thing we need now are the people that fit in them. Looking back I think they had a little school bus that had some people in it that would probably fit but I didn't think to ask if I could buy those cause I was just absolutely so excited about my find I couldn't think straight!
After that awesome find we made our way home to meet up with Scott and take off to eat sushi for dinner!  Then home for a bath and to watch the movie Cars! 

And of course we did gardening...we planted seeds for: peas, onions, moonflowers, basil and parsley! I love planting seeds, watering them, checking on them, and then the day you see green leaves pop out of the soil is so rewarding!

Clarissa helped me sand each seed with sandpaper and then we soaked them all day before we popped them into some seed starters.

Clarissa had to practice walking in her stylish garden/rain boots.  Wish I looked this stylish when I work in the yard...we didn't get a picture of that and you should be glad!

Sunday we had a picnic lunch in the backyard:
bologna sandwiches, fruit, chips and macaroni salad :)

I finally got out the easel I found one day thrifting. I had to totally take it apart, sand it down and prime it...that's done now and ready for some paint! I think it will be a great toy for Clarissa to paint on or draw on either inside the house or drag it outside on the patio! Hopefully we can paint it next weekend. She said she wanted to paint it yellow and red...she obviously likes bright colors!
All parts have been sanded and primed and the chalkboards have one coat of new chalkboard paint on them...almost done!  I think Angie and I found this one day at the Goodwill on Poinsett Hwy for just a few dollars.  Some of the hardware needs to be replaced and just a little bit of elbow grease and it will look brand new! 
(my garden helper ditched her boots for sandals and lost the hat later in the day)

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