Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Update!

Yummy in my tummy!  Scott had this wonderful idea to eat breakfast at Krispy Kreme doughnuts Friday morning...lovely idea! 
This was Pnut's first time to eat a KK dounut!  Do you think she liked it? 
She didn't say much that morning :) 
Rabbit ears!  Say cheese!
 Gibby Up daddy!  Clarissa was pretending that Scott was an elephant. 
She's silly like that!
Pnut's first time to hunt easter eggs and she had a great time doing it too! 
She had daddy helping her find the eggs...Angie and Aaron did a great job hiding them! 
Somebody needs to tell mommy the next time that her hair needs brushing!  Clarissa is always pulling on it and playing with it so I never know what it looks like, she's my new stylist! 
 Passed out in the car after a long day! 
Easter dinner at neana's, hunting eggs and singing happy birthday to neana!
We started our garden finally!  Have plans to finish it this back is hurting just looking at it!  I hope all of the plants survive! 
This is a view from the front yard.  It's covered in purple clover flowers, Scott hates it but I love it.  He calls them weeds, I'll call them wildflowers! 

Happy Easter everyone!  What an enjoyable long weekend!

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