Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Update!

Man, what a weekend!
We had a fun filled weekend for sure!
Peanut went to work with me for a few hours Saturday while Scott got the taxes done.
We then made our way to pick up daddy and eat our weekly cheeseburgers at Mojos on their patio and watched the trains go by.  It was a nice day!  Then home for a quick nap and then the CIRCUS!, thanks to Frank Eppes!  Frank gave us three tickets for the Shrine Circus this weekend!  Now, I'm not a big believer of the circus but we thought Clarissa would enjoy it and hopefully the animals are treated nicely and all live a good life.  They seemed happy, content and well kept.  The white Bengal tigers were beautiful and scary at the same time.  I'm just not sure how the man in the cage does his job...high risk!!!! 
But Clarissa absolutely had a good time, she was clapping and yelling and trying to whistle.  She was a little freaked out by the clowns, she said afterwards that she didn't like the cwouwns!
It was Clarissa's first time to eat cotton candy!  Once we got in the car, I asked her what did she like most about the circus and she said, "the cotton candy!"
We had a great time!
One tiger bumped the cage and it almost fell over!

Clarissa and Scott are to the right of the picture trying to look at the elephants.

She really liked the tigers, Bengal tiger has been sleeping with her since that day!

She was really digging it!

Especially the cotton candy!!!!!  (Me too!)

After about two hours of the circus Peanut was ready to leave so we escaped the crowd and left just in time to get into Irashai before the rain started...a sushi night was needed, haven't had it in over a week so we were needing our fix!
Then home to watch Puss in boots!  Which we all laughed at, it was so funny we had to rewind it a couple of times to laugh again and again!
Thank goodness Sunday was pretty, that enabled me to get some yard work done that was much needed.  It was such a peaceful morning.  After Scott cooked us all pancakes, Clarissa and I enjoyed the morning out in the yard digging and preparing the garden. 
We have plans to plant:
1. tomatoes
2. peppers
3. hot peppers
4. cucumbers
5. cantaloupe
6. more herbs
7. squash
8. maybe some corn...never tried this but thought we might put it down by the water.  We'll see how that goes. 
We didn't have our garden last year, the year passed by so fast for us and just never had the time or opportunity to get outside to get it started.  I like to start a lot from seeds so that slows the process a little.  I would love to try my hand at moonflowers again.  They are absolutely beautiful but extremely hard to get started.  The seed is large and very hard, they have to be scratched and pre-soaked and pre-planted.  The only bloom at night and I can't even explain how wonderful they smell!
(Moonflowers look similar to morning glories)
This year I'm going to try my hand and pure organic...wish me luck cause I already have seen ants!
After lunch we napped.  Then, me and Peanut went to Meghan's baby shower while Scott worked on his music project.  We had a great time there as well, Clarissa and Nola had a tissue paper party by themselves!  After that, to the grocery store and home so Scott could cook us fish tacos for supper! 
Yummy in our tummys!

So glad we have a three day weekend ahead of us, we've got a ton of stuff to do this weekend too.  Before the weekend we've gotta get some eggs dyed and a basket and decorations made for EASTER!  Yeah!  And neana's birthday is Monday!

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