Friday, April 13, 2012


Okay, I have obsessions from time to time and my latest is shoelaces!  I've been especially interested with them I guess because I just recently found 4 pairs of Converse for Clarissa at the thrift store 2 bucks each!  I took them all home and washed them along with about 5 other pairs found another time.  So I had to take all of the shoelaces out to wash them...this made me recognize and realize how much more I could do with Clarissa's style and mine if I only add some interesting shoelaces to our shoes!!!!
Look at how cute these are!!!

See how to make handmade shoelaces at The Gunny Sack!

Or visit Show & Tell for a funky shoelace tutorial!

Or...Oh, Sweet Joy on how to make a bow-tied shoelace!

It's amazing how by just changing the shoelaces on these cute halfboot shoes, it made them look so much better!

I even like the mix n match look...these would look perfect with a little orange sundress!

I might have to make some shoelaces this weekend!

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