Monday, April 23, 2012

My travel journal...NYC

So...I finally got around to starting my travel journal! 
I had plans to do a page every day while we were in NYC but I never could find the time. 
Even at night I would be so tired and we would go back to our room so late that I would just fall into bed! 
I made notes and collected stuff as best I could so once we got back I could plug it all in. 
But of course as soon as we got back, life sped up so I could never find the opportunity to work on it until just recently. 
These are a few pages I've put together so far.  I still have a good bit to fill in so hopefully I can post about these soon. 
I found that once I started looking at all of the collected receipts, napkins, menus, cards and whatnot I didn't really need the date.  It was the memory that mattered and it all came back as I looked at all the pieces in front of me.  I'm so glad I started this journal but really wish I had started it before now.  I do have pictures from all of our trips and a few pieces of paper here and there that I found or collected while away but the journal is really special.  I will continue this tradition from now and encourage Clarissa to have one as well. 
I'm sure she will appreciate it when she's old enough to go back and read about her journeys from the beginning of life with mommy and daddy! 
At least I will enjoy it!!!

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