Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Adventures!

It's always amazing to me how fast the weekend goes by!  It seems like I leave work Friday and before I know it I'm sitting back at that desk in front of that dang computer! 
At any rate, we had a fun weekend. 
Saturday we got ready for the day so I could wash clothes most of the day while I finally got Clarissa's toy box painted.  It used to be Scott's toy box when he was a little boy so it's very special.  Poppa had already sanded it for us so all I had to do was prime it and paint it.  But it took several coats of paint and I still might do one more and then Scott needs to put new hinges on it before it's totally ready to fill up with toys!  Over the course of two days I think I got about five loads of clothes washed and only about two or three folded.  Saturday night Scott's band the Ragged Orchids played at the Purple Onion in Saluda and Clarissa and I went out to dinner with my mom for her birthday.  We had a good time with mimi! 
Sunday we washed and painted and took naps!  Then we all piled up in the car and did our weekly grocery shopping.  That's always fun, Clarissa likes to eat her way through the store!  I told Scott we should go more often since she eats so well while we are there, funny girl!  Then we busted it home to cook out steaks and baked potatoes, it was a lovely evening. 
The weather was great all weekend!  I hope next weekend is just as lovely with lots of sunshine!
This is Clarissa wearing her new designer sunglasses, we were getting ready to go eat burgers at Mojo's...we love eating lunch there on Saturdays!

Once I get the toy box finished I'll post a picture...

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