Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our New York Trip!

New York City Spring 2012!

We had a GREAT time if I do say so myself!  We walked so much every day and ate really good food every night so don't be thinking I lost any weight!  It was strange being without Peanut for so many days but we all survived and now I understand how it was much needed on both ends...growing up is still hard to do even at 43 years old!

New York City was a very dirty place so I found that taking my pictures in black and white was much more rewarding.  In looking back at them I realize that it made them look very vintage and nostalgic.  A look I prefer.

After many discussions Scott and I concluded that Times Square was much like Myrtle Beach on crack!

It was difficult to capture the 911 Memorial. 
It was sad to say the least and so big that my camera couldn't get it all in the frame.  The day was gloomy, rainy and cold.  Looking up at the tall buildings around the site gave you a strange feeling.  I couldn't help but try to imagine what that day was like, with chaos and people running everywhere not knowing what was happening and being separated from their loved ones on a normal work day.  But to think about being up high in one of the towers and the building was burning and your only way out was to jump...I just can't imagine and you could definitely feel things on the grounds that day...hard to explain.  In some ways it was beautiful...

Times Square again on another day.  We stayed at the Marriott in Times Square so we had to be a part of it every day...that was somewhat stressful! 

Not sure exactly what or where this was, I remember we were on our way to eat at the Oyster place in Grand Central Station and my legs and feet were vibrating from walking so much that day and we had decided to walk to the restaurant.  I talked Scott into stopping and taking this picture so I could rest a minute!

This was in the old Grand Central Station.  It was absolutely beautiful and GRAND, I kept trying to imagine it when it was in its hay day.  Also in this picture I totally see how me and Peanut look much alike...funny!

Upper West Village.

Upper West Village at the Subway.

The apartments were John Lennon walked out and was shot near the park.

30 Rock.

30 Rock.

And once again, St. Patrick's Day in Times Square!

We had a great time but I was so ready to get back home to my little Peanut!

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