Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our little baby turned 2!

I can't believe it has already happened!  Clarissa turned two February 13!  It happened so fast we almost missed it!!!!  We had a great birthday party Saturday, Yo Gabba Gabba theme with games, cupcakes, and #2 cookies!  She had so much fun!!!!  Then Monday, Scott and I got off work early to pick up the Pnut and celebrate her birthday again since it was really not her birthday until yesterday.  We had her tricycle put together and downstairs waiting on her with a bag of some other treasures to go with it.  I think she liked the $5 voice altering microphone more than anything...funny girl.  It was a busy weekend and Monday so it was a little hard for her to get to sleep last night.  She just couldn't get cupcakes and presents off her mind!  I'm that way too sometimes!
Scooting around getting the hang of it!

Not quite sure what to think about her new tricycle...

Checking it out.

Push it daddy!

Push it daddy!

Push it this way daddy!

I think she really enjoyed checking it out more than riding it for now.

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