Thursday, January 12, 2012

ARTIST: Chrissy Poitras

I wanted to share this artist with you cause I really LOVE her art! 
Her name is Chrissy Poitras...artist, co-owner, and operator, along with her husband Kyle Topping of Spark Box Studio located in Canada.  Their mission is simple as states that they want to take art outside the studio and into public spaces by organizing off-site projects like public installations, outdoor exhibits and youth outreach programs.  How cool is that?  And check out their residency program too!  What a great place!!!!! 

But it was Chrissy's artwork that sparked my attention and I wanted to share a little of her work with you...her work is so free and loose and not to mention inspirational!  I can't help but want to try to get this loose in my drawings and paintings!

Make sure you go to Chrissy Poitras' website and check out her artist statement!

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