Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mori Girl Fashion

I'm loving this fashion statement!  Mori Girl Fashion.  I've included a Check List to go by if you decide to dress like a Mori girl and a little bit of the background of what a Mori Girl is.  My interpretation of a Mori Girl is fairy meets grunge with a little dash of Pretty in Pink...while doing my research for this post I kinda felt like I was reading about myself, I already dress in a similar way but I have hopes that this post will help me complete my look as well as my little girl's.  I hope you will enjoy and be totally inspired!

I also have a Mori Girl Fashion Board on my Pinterest!

What is a Mori Girl (according to the Mori Girl blog):
The mori girls (森ガール) belong to a Japanese subculture. 'Mori' means forest in Japanese, and mori girls look like fairytale forest wanderers in their loose dresses, vintage prints and quaint accessories. Mori girls choose to live their lives on their own terms, stopping to appreciate the little things that others overlook amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Mori Girl Blog

Mori Girl Check List:
-Loves loose fitting one-piece dresses.
-Wears one piece dresses and skirts as everyday dresses.
-Prefers somewhat quirky clothing to simples ones (but don’t really like out and out flashy ones)
-Seemingly Natural type fashion style with little quirk.
-Loves to be particular about materials.
-Loves to wear ethnic clothes.
-Dresses in A line clothes.
-Loves one-piece dresses little girls would wear too.
-Loves smock-like one piece dresses and blouses.
-Don’t like super sweet fashion.
-Loves deep earthy colors like Bordeaux (burgundy), dark green, dark blue, and brown.
-Looks good in warm colors.
-More comfortable with short nails.
-Loves soft, cushy knit or fur caps.
-Loves ear muffs.
-Loves ponchos and boleros.
-Likes to hold leather bugs.
-Uses clutches at every chance.
-Prefers gold accessories to silver ones.
-Finds old items charming.
-Loves pocket watches.
-Loves necklaces with large motifs.
-Loves animal motifs.
-Loves candy and sweets motifs.
-Loves checks and polka-dots.
-Loves retro flower prints.
-Loves laces.
-Loves tights and leggings.
-Wears flat soled shoes as default foot-wears
-Loves round-toed shoes.
-If wearing sneakers, they must be slip-ons that’s loose fitting and cute.
-Prefer cloth buttons to ordinary buttons
-Loves to wrap the scarves and stoles all the way around the neck.
-The default winter wears are turtlenecks.
-Loves to wear layers.
-Feels the pangs for puffed sleeves.
-Loves fairy tales.
-Have light complexion.
-Soft curled hair.
-Bob cut with short bangs.
-Short bangs, long hair with curly hair.
-Loves Felissimo.
-Loves especially Syrup and Snow Fellisimo
-Loves the vibe of Q-pot candy-shaped accessories.
-Loves to hang loose/chill at cafes.
-Loves to take a walk with a camera in a hand.
-Before you know, you would be shopping one small shops to the next.
-A collector, have a habit of collecting things you love.
-Feels happy when you find cute books at bookstores.
-You get exited when you at furniture store.
-Loves hand-made stuff.
-Loves winter and autumn as far as the seasons go.
-Wants to travel to northern Europe someday.
-Likes to put round make-up on cheeks.
-If you are going to put any perfumes, you’d like faint flower scents.
-A girl with soft air about her (or longs to be one)
-A girl with pure and clear air (or longs to be one.)
-You were told you permeates a laid-back aura at all time.
-You consider Hagu from “Honey and Clover” is a Mori Girl.


  1. I like this look too! Lately I've been layering ruffled skirts under my dresses. It kind of fits in this category too, I think.

  2. That would be a great Mori look as well. When is your baby due?