Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My next project!

Clarissa and I went thrifting this weekend and look what we found! 
I was so excited to find our night stand to revamp into her new play kitchen!!!
I definitely will be using the "Build A Play Kitchen" from Out of the Crayon Box blog.
These are a few pictures of what we found and how it looks for now.  Once we get started I will try to remember (this is really hard for me these days) to take pictures as we go along so you can see how and what we do.  I have plans to make a backsplash and paint it with chalkboard paint (been wanting to use that stuff for a long time now).  I'm thinking we will use the colors black, brown and mint green...burners on top, and make the top drawer be pull down like oven doors and the bottom drawer can be storage for the cute little accessories, pots and pans I'll need to find somewhere...oh man I can't wait to get started!!!!!
Oh and the best part...the price $24.99!

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