Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vintage Campers!

Vintage campers...wait while I dream about some day owning a really cool fully restored (by somebody else of course) vintage camper...that dream also included us winning the lottery (btw). 
No. 1 - The Catolac! 
*It's got the original star burst laminate tabletops!
*Newly primed and painted on the outside!
Look at that cool back splash and those chenille curtains! Oh My Goodness! 
Not to mention that astro-a-gogo seat cushion!!!
And look's for sale!

When I was younger my family bought a VW Westfalia Camper that we loved to go camping in.  I have fond memories of my sister standing on the portable potty freaking out because our site was being invaded by armadillos!  Ours was orange and like I said we had a portable potty, a tent and lots of camping equipment.  We went to the beach several times and to Disney World in it! 

Some day I do hope to have a vintage camper that we can pack up and just take off to see the world!  I love packing up stuff to go on trips, trying to figure out what you will need and what you might not need but you take anyway :) Scott always complains that I take too much! Who me?
We had an awning too on the VW. 

We would ride our bikes and eat outside at the picnic table.  We would eat hot dogs and hamburgers and the food would taste so good.  Eating outside makes food taste much better than it really is!  I remember having so much fun when we camped :)

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