Friday, September 9, 2011

Thrift store finds!

This past weekend we finally had an opportunity to go thrifting!  I love to go thrifting any time I can and when we go the time just flys by!  I have  running list of goodies to look for that I keep in my notebooks and try to keep in my head as well but once I get in the store, I get so excited that I can't remember anything so I wind up going all over the store and being side tracked by everything.  But I don't care cause I could spend all day in a thrift store!  What a great weekend!!!
Pnut wanted to try on hats as soon as we got there!

I have been looking for tennish shoes for Pnut and finally found some Converse for her.  They are too big for now but she will be in them before we know it I'm sure, she's growing up way too fast!
I love it when I find doilies, I have plans to make either a doilie bunting and I like to use them in my fabric collages.  We found mini pompoms, and fabric tape, a Vera scarf and this cute cropped strawberry sweater for P.

I like the way the Converse are worn in really good, imagine how comfy they will be!

Love me some Vera!  Some day I'll take a picture of my Vera collection.

Close up of strawberry sweater...

Lastly we found this silver heart charm bracelet, obviously made to fit Ms. Pnut!

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