Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Indie Craft Parade!

It was a full day of craftiness, art and great music!  We started at 10:30 am and made it home by 2:30!  We were all tired and Pnut fell asleep before we could even get her home in her bed!  There was so much great goodies there that I could hardly focus, so with that said I made a list of some vendors I will have to revisit online:

1.  Rachel Wilder - sterling silver initial charms
2.  Pogo Shop - wool teddy bears with sleeping bags
3.  Gumptions Designs - collage and artsy goods
4.  Lazymuse - a two headed crocheted bunny and lots more
5.  Jordan Grace Owens - art, paper dolls and lots more
6.  NeedleNoodles - crocheted goods (note to self:  purchase a ring box)
7.  Steve Morrison - artwork and wooden puzzles
8.  Urban Gypz Artisan Yarn - yarn and handmade scarves and shawls

(this is my list to remind me but on the Indie Craft Parade site you can see them all!)

After a full day of The Indie Craft Parade, Pnut was very tired but very dedicated to her dragon tail.  We had to convince her to go to bed without the tail!

Pnut was enjoying her audience while dancing and prancing around in her dragon tail to the music of The Ragged Orchids!  This photo taken by Mike Wooten truly captured her happiness!

Owlette Collective - Makers of the dragon tail!  I love these girls, they are great creators and friendly too!

We purchased this print from Marisol Spoon that was framed with a handmade frame that is amazing.  I don't have a picture of the framed print but this is the print we purchased and it is awesome in person especially with the amazing frame!

These two collages are similar to the ones that we purchased from Rachael.  I loved her artwork and wanted to buy more but I had to leave some for other peeps!

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