Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Halloween is on the way!

I'm so excited about the holidays this year now that our little girl is older!  We had fun with her last year, but this year, I believe she will enjoy herself as well! 
First we have Halloween and appropriately she will be a vampire this year!  Recently we have had issues with biting so we thought that would be a perfect costume for our little blood thirsty girl this year for Halloween.  Might just be a little vampire family...we do love True Blood!
I'll be on the look out for a red, white and black ensemble...maybe black skirt and white shirt with a red cape or black dress with a red cape?  We'll have to see what's out there at the thrift stores...maybe a stitch here and there and we'll have it.

I can just see Scott dressed like this!

I can't wait to get some projects underway for Halloween, thought I might decorate this year!

First, we will have to carve the pumpkin:
I'm thinking about this scary cat as my template!
Now, how about some glow in the dark Halloween bunting?
...instructions can be found here.

Treats to share at school:
Eye of Newt cookies!
What you need:
20 mini-powdered doughnuts
Red decorating gel
20 green M&M's
Black decorating icing
  1. Put doughnuts on a platter.
  2. Drizzle each with red gel.
  3. Place a drop of gel on the back of each M&M, and put one in the center of each doughnut. Top with a drop of black icing to form the pupil.
There might even be some time for extra fun stuff around the house like:
Sewing up so skull patches!

Or creating shrinky dink charms made just for a Halloween charm bracelet!
And last but not least, make a potion!!!
How about some monster punch?! (with or without alcohol of course)
*2 tubes of red decorating gel
*4 cups of prepared lemonade
*2 cups seltzer or club soda
*green food coloring
*1 can lychees in heavy syrup, drained
*12-16 grapes
Pipe the red gel around the top rim of 4 glasses.  Pipe a few drips of gel down side of glasses.
combine the lemonade with the seltzer.  Tint with green food coloring to the desired color. Press a grape into the opening of the lychees.  Fill glasses with the lychee "eyes" and ice cubes.  Pour lemonade mixture into glasses and serve.  I found this at Nick Jr.

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