Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday, finally!

Obviously, after working a full week, I am always excited that it's FRIDAY!  Today I didn't feel like getting dressed so I wore my old faithful Doc's, some jeans, layered necklaces and painted my nails last night using gold OPI and one of those paint pencils.
I have several pairs of Docs and you can tell these are one of my faves.  I just recently bought a pair of high heeled Docs, don't wear them that much.  Lately I'm not a big fan of heels. 
Trying to get used to taking pictures of myself...heeheehee! 
I love to pick up heart charms when thrifting.  They're not easy to find so when I do, I grab them up! 
I love this necklace, I can't remember who made it.  I bought it at a craft fair a few years ago, the maker revamped jewelry. 
This is one of my fave necklaces as well.  Got it at a thrift store too. 
I need some practice with that nail pen, but I did this in a hurry last night and it was pretty easy.

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