Thursday, September 15, 2011


I absolutely love to paint my never stays on, so I really don't do it that often.  I can paint them on Friday and by Sunday it's chipping.  I even bought OPI's Chip Skip to help with that and it does work a little better but not like most people that can wear their polish for a week and it not chip.  All I can say is they must not do anything all week! 

I finally got the Sally Hansen's nail stickers and this is what happened!  It was easy to apply and no drying to wait on!  I did it Friday night and by Sunday I had chips but it has lasted longer than nail polish.  I gotta take it off tonight, there's just too many chips now. 

I always feel self conscious at work when I paint my nails cause I don't paint them the colors most people paint their nails.  Currently my favorite color is OPI's Mermaids Tears.  I know my boss is looking at my nails as I pass a file to him...he's thinking "what in the world was I thinking when I hired her?"

I cannot wait to paint these little nails. 
Having a baby girl is so much fun!  I have so much in store for her!


  1. I used the Sally Hansen top coat (the one that doubles as a base and takes FOREVER to dry) under the stickers. They never chipped. I finally took them off because the nail was growing! And believe me, I'm always busy with my hands.

    Totally understand if you don't do your nails often. Having kids makes those little luxuries even rarer :)

  2. Lily, I will try the top coat next time! Thanks!!