Friday, September 23, 2011

experimenting is fun!

In order to participate in Open Studios you have to commit to producing at least 10 new pieces of work.  Now that's a lot to me!  I'm talking 10 new pieces of artwork, not skectches and doodles which some people may consider new pieces but not me.  So with that said, I have been very busy and am almost finished with all of my projects.  I decided to create one large painting/collage that measures about 48"x60"...and am very pleased with how that piece turned out.  My other projects include fabric collages framed with embroidery loops, paper and fabric collages nailed to wooden plaques and then epoxied, and a few animal paintings all of which I am very excited to share for OPEN STUDIOS!

This little shadow box is only a little sample of the epoxy pieces I've been working on.  I haven't quite finished this one yet and don't really have plans to disply any shadow boxes, this being the only one.  I have really enjoyed working with the epoxy and will definitly continue.  It's a little messy and somewhat time comsuming, but I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of it.

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