Friday, August 5, 2011

A peak inside my little office

I decided to snap some shots today of my somewhat newly decorated office.  They decided to replace the carpet and paint the walls so I was inspired to redecorate.  The first picture is my small art collection mixed with my art and others.  Don't miss the mobile in the right corner at the door!  People are always facinated by that, they ask, "what is that?"  Sorry for the mess on my side desk, but I always have a mess somewhere in here or all over for that matter.

This is my "teacher" wall with the map and chalkboard.  The chalkboard is for listing whatever supplies the office may need.  I love the color contrast of the walls, map and board and then we use bright colored chalks on the board.  The chairs came from Greenville Office Supply, imagine that!

This wall is behind my desk and chair.  The bulletin board is kind of an inspiration board with postcards, dried flowers, pictures and a small calendar for a quick glance as to what day it my world the time goes by so fast I forget what day it is all of the time!  The painting is mine, a newer one that I did for Open Studios 09. 

My 10'x10' office is quite small but I've tried to make it as comfy as possible since I do spend a lot of time there...this painting is another Open Studios 09.

A close up of the art wall. 

A detail from the art wall.  This is the newest addition to the wall, a painting made by an artest I met at the Big Crafty in Asheville.  I fell in love with her art and bought two pieces.  Her prices were very reasonable and I couldn't help but love the characters in each piece.  She doesn't have a website or a blog so I really can't direct you to her but her name is Leslie Hinton. 

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