Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Bentos came in the mail today!

This one is too cute, it's a double decker that, obviously, looks like a hamburger with lettuce!  It has little latches on the sides to keep it closed up tight and it has two layers for food and one thin layer on the top for your fork or spoon and napkin.  I need to find some mini hamburgers for Pnut to take for lunch in this bento!

This little bag came seperately, it was a little bit smaller than I had expected but still very cute!  I don't think I can get the bento and a drink inside the bag but it is large enough for a couple of smaller bentos.  Notice how it has a zipper on the side for your fork and a draw string to keep everything inside.  I love the Hello Kitty design with rainbows and clouds...look at how her ears are floppy!

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