Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Handmade dresses!

Nanna made Pnut a new dress! 
She actually made two, so we'll post the other one soon... 
It's so cute with purple shorts with polka dots and fabric covered buttons to boot! 
The other dress posted is one that I made. 
Now mine is made from mixing articles of clothing but Nanna made hers from scratch! 
Camo dress was made from a boys camouflage t-shirt and a red and white polka dot sundress.  It was almost finished but I just felt like it needed something else...Scott suggested cutting the sleeves to cap them and then one day it was laying in the floor of the den (den was a wreck) and Pnut had gone through some of my sewing things, leaving a piece of scrap material in the floor with that heart patch on it.  The two were laying on the floor in a way that made me realize I should put the flag heart on the camo shirt dress! 

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