Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bentos are too cute!

Ms. Pnut started her new class at daycare just recently and one of the new rules is to bring all finger foods that are easy for her to eat herself.  Let me tell you, that has not been a very easy task since we have a slightly picky eater on our hands!  I've been trying to think of ideas of how to make eating more fun and interesting for her?  So I went on the search for fun lunch boxes and this is what I found...Bento lunch boxes!

I have discovered that the Bento lunch boxes from Japan are the cutest!

I have bought several different boxes and accessories and will post pictures as they trickle in from the mailman.  
This came as a three piece single bento and one double bento with a little insulated zipper bag.  It's called Clapping March Picnic!

I researched different meal ideas but most were a little too advanced for her so we've had to embellish on those ideas a little.
Below are a few of the recipes we thought were interesting! 
Bee shaped sandwich with marshmellow, cheese, grapes, carrots and apples

Owl shaped sandwich with cheese, carrots and cookies

Candycane sandwich, marshmellow snowman, carrots, cheese and mandarin oranges

Turtle sandwich, yogurt, manderin oranges, blueberries, cheese and carrots

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