Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Vested Gentress

Vested Gentress was established in 1961 and was based in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Their factory was located in Trappe, Pennsylvania, about twelve miles from Valley Forge. The company was known for whimsical screenprinted fabrics. These fabrics were made into dresses, slacks, and skirts. They also had a line of golf wear. The company closed in the late 1980s.
Dating hint: In the earlier labels, the lady does not have the crop in her hand.
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I recently aquired a few Vested Gentress dresses and love, love, love them!  They're usually made out of cotton and have really cool printed fabric!
I have posted a few pictures here for you to see what they look like.  I will try to post pictures of mine soon.

Noah's Ark via:

Whale via: no-frills marilyn at flickr

Fish N Cocktails via: unknown

City Scape via: jade pussycat

check this collection out! via: vintage mimosa at flickr

By the Seashore via: dandelion vintage
Mushrooms and Frogs via: plastic paradise

Dog and Bird via: ebay seller unknown

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