Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pnut Dress...

I was bound and determined to make Pnut a dress last night once we got home.
When we went to the Big Crafty this past weekend I saw some dresses on these little girls that I absolutely loved!  The owner of Garage 34, located in Asheville, NC. made the ones I saw but when  I saw them, I thought, "I can make that for sure!" 

So when I got home last night Pnut and I got to work finding stuff to cut up, stitch, add and subtract...and this is what we came up with!  It was so easy that we started another and have plans for many more!  It really shows her character and she loved it when I put it on her this morning.

Materials used: 
1.  The top part is a 3T t-shirt that fits comfortably.
2.  Then we cut up a size 18 vintage dress that really was too little but it had lots of pleats in it, so when I cut the arms off it had a lot of material to play with to make the bottom half of the dress.  I pleated the dress once in the back to give her some extra room for movement.
3.  In the middle we added a ladies vintage cloth belt to bring the two pieces together.  
4.  Then I had a shirt that needed a button.  I liked the apliques that were on the shirt better than the shirt itself, so I cut the mermaid off and sewed it to the t-shirt.
Then I found a pair of cream short bloomer panties for underneath.


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