Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thrift store finds!

Loot shot...

Clarissa and I decided to hit a church garage sale this past Friday, I had taken the week off for our vacation so I decided to go thrifting with my little girl.  I think she likes it as much as I do!!!  I'm so glad of that :), I'm bringing this girl up right! 

When we walked in I noticed that it was pretty well organized but the stuff was a little high priced.  With a little bit of digging and some help from Clarissa, we did find some treasures before we left.

We found a huge box of scarves that Clarissa helped me rummage through and there were 3 vintage Vera scarves in the box!  We were so excited!!!!  Clarissa tried all the scarves on for me so I could see how they looked.  What a big help she was!

This scarf isn't a Vera scarf but I loved the feathers on it.  In my new collages I'm thinking about incorporating feathers and doilies.  And this doilie was the greatest light peach color!

Then I found these vintage belt buckles (two bundles for 10 bucks), a sterling silver guitar charm for my charm bracelet and a heart locket.  Since I'm a Hart now, I collect heart lockets or charms.  Lastly, the paper weight...if you can't see it very well, its an ocean scene with a little dried seahorse in it.  Nothing like memories of the beach while you're sitting at your desk in the office.

Lastly, I found this little figurine on a junk table right before we called it quits.  We had walked the room several times and I just knew I might find something one more time around and we did!  I'm not sure what it is though...the little yellow flower has what looks like used to be some kind of foam or something in it maybe to stick pins in...not sure...but I loved it so we purchased it for a whopping $1.00!

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