Monday, May 9, 2011

Newspaper Nails!

I found this funky nail treatment and thought I would give a try!  It's easy and looks cool! 
I think the next time I will try a different color and do two coats of polish.  I tried one with a comic strip and it turned out pretty cool too, so might do all comics the next time.  It was fun and easy to do so give a try and let me know what happens!
Here's how you do it...
■1 Small glass
■Rubbing alcohol or vodka
■10 Strips of newspaper (big enough to cover each nail)
■Any light colored nail polish (whites and pastels work best)
■Clear top coat polish

1.Polish your nails with your desired coats and let dry
2.Pour some rubbing alcohol/vodka in the small glass
3.Dip your (dried) nail in the rubbing alcohol/vodka (make sure you wet whole nail)
4.Place and press a strip of the newspaper on your nail and hold firmly but careful for 30 seconds. (do NOT Move the strip around)
5.Remove strip and repeat on each nail or a select few nails if desired
6.Finally, polish your nails with a good clear top coat to seal the deal.

Let us know how your newspaper nails turned out!

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