Monday, May 23, 2011

Florida Trip Much Needed!

I didn't think I could do it but I did and am very proud of myself!  Scott and I went away for several days without our little Pnut!  Florida was our destination, Orlando...I know, you're asking "why did you go to Orlando, FL without the kid right?"  Well it was a business trip so we couldn't take Clarissa this time and I don't think she would have gotten Disney World just yet anyway.  So I didn't feel so bad not taking her this time.  Plus all we did was cocktail parties, dance parties, seminars and lounging by the pool while drinking room for babies at that hotel!

We did have a good time, a much needed get away for the two of us to get a chance to reconnect.  But every time we would leave the room we would feel like we were forgetting something and when we had a moment alone we would call to check on Clarissa or talk about her, wondering what she was doing without us.  Clarissa did great without us, although she was in great hands while we were away! 

Big cocktail/dance party Tuesday night.  The crowd was huge, the bar was open and lots of food everywhere!

The dude with the cook's hat to the left kept on dancing to the music while he was serving people.

If you know what Charles looks like, he's dancing on the dance floor to the right.  Look out people, Charles is cuttin-a-rug!  (Whatever that means)

It was late and the bar had been open for some time now and the party had been extended.  The peeps on the dance floor heard a song they liked...I have no idea what it was but they loved it and knew to hold up their arms and waive their hands when the time came!  What, what?

Tommy, Laura and Kevin...those drinks in front of them do NOT belong to them...yeah right!  Tommy and Laura found out Thursday right before we got on the plane to come home that their new baby girl was at home waiting on them.  For eight years they were on a waiting list to adopt and their little girl was born Thursday morning!  They had to go buy a car seat on the way to the hospital when they got home!  Talk about a surprise!!!!!

You are looking at VIPs in this picture!  This night the entertainment was at the Hard Rock Cafe in Universal Studios and they took a small group of us as VIPs to enjoy an extra cocktail before the show.  You can see Kerry with Sanford, Mary and Charles and Me!  Scott was talking to someone so he missed out on this picture.  After this we ate and then saw Journey...yes, Journey!  All I can say is, that was kinda weird!

Let's see...who has more freckles?  Mary or me?!

I didn't take many pictures while we were in Florida, only a few of the parties I took my camera.  I did take some pictures of us by the pool but after I looked at them I thought there is no way my peeps are going to see this! 

Fun times with great people that Scott works with at GOS!!!

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