Friday, April 29, 2011

Thrift store finds...

Yesterday Clarissa and I decided to do some thrifting on our lunch break!  This particular thrift store doesn't really have much but we were able to find a few treasures.  We shopped through the books and Clarissa found a Number book that she was excited about and then a cool little hat that was denim on one side and red checked on the inside...too cute!  Then over to the lady's dresses we went and I found a great sundress!  Not too much vintage but the fabric was vintage looking and the style was classic, gotta love those classic cuts!  Lastly we made it over to the linens and I was able to satisfy my latest obsession which is doilies.  Don't know why, but for some reason I have found much happiness in finding this little jewels...they just might end up in some new fabric pieces I've been thinking about.

Very excited about the weekend!  As always we have way too much on the "To Do" list but Scott has agreed to babysit the Pnut so I can work on some paintings!  I've so much in my head I'm going to have to focus and do all that I can in a short period of time...ugh, that makes me nervous! 

In the picture:  vintage tablecloth, two doilies and vintage handkerchief

I love using vintage handkerchiefs for Clarissa's little nose, they are so much softer than a tissue.  The tablecloth is to add to my collection that I love to use for events at the house of course but also when I do craft/art shows as well.  They add so much character to your booth and/or party. 

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