Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kitchen addition!

We finally did it!  After living in this house for about a year or two we decided to renovate the kitchen.  Now by renovate I mean that Scott and I, ourselves, totally demolished the countertops, the floor, the cabinets and all!  After removing all of the old stuff we put in the new cabinets, had the hardwood floors refinished and then countertops installed.  It looked great when we were finished!  But then we decided that we would add a little piece to it that we had left out back then down one side of the kitchen.  This is a somewhat finsihed picture, without the countertops.  Hopefully soon I plan to post pictures of the old kitchen and then totally finsihed kitchen.  The difference is amazing!!!!  I love the way it is starting to look and feel.  It will be nice to have it done so we can move onto the next project of many :)

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