Thursday, April 14, 2011

GRAY hair...

Okay, I have officially decided to let my hair go all the way gray!  I can't say why I have all of a sudden decided this but I think it is the right decision for now.  It might be because I'm just so tired of having my hair colored!  Or it could be that I'm just curious as to just how much gray I have and exactly what my natural color will be.  It could turn out that I don't really like the way it will look but I think I might give it a try.  I've always said that I would go to my grave with dyed hair but I don't think it will hurt to give a try...who knows, I might not like it and go back to dying but we'll see.  The following is information that I picked up on eHOW Style if anyone else is interested in going gray.  I heard it is a trend these days to go gray even if you don't have gray hair peeps are bleaching their hair and dying it gray shades!  What da know, I didn't know I was so trendy without even trying if I would only let my gray hair grow out!


1.  Grey hair tends to be coarser, and tends to turn yellow with too much heat.
If you're ready for an abrupt change, you can simply grow out the dyed hair with regular trims. For something more subtle, you can use lighter colors to make the transition more gradual. Do not try to duplicate your natural color- skin changes as you age, and the resulting color will seem too dark.

2.  Figure out your natural coloring- it will look most natural if you choose colors that are consistent with your own coloring. If you have dark hair, your grey will be most visible- but will look quite stunning. Some of the lighter blonds may be able to simply grow out the dyed hair, as the contrast will be much more subtle.

3.  If you go to a stylist, s/he will be able to plan your transition to gray hair. Dark hair might do well with semi-permanent color in a shade lighter than the natural hair color, then going lighter as more gray grows in, using frosting and color glosses for high and low lights. If you're interested in fun changes, you can go for a series of successively lighter colors, experimenting with shades until you get to a light, cool blonde, then you can grow that out.

4.  If you're going it alone, watch out for colors that don't cover gray. There are specially formulated colors for covering grey. Alternately, you can use colors that don't cover grey to let it shine through. You can use home colors in shades lighter than your natural color, foils to add streaks of color, and color glosses to add dimension to your hair color, and slightly camouflaging the grey.

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