Friday, April 15, 2011

Earth Day - April 17, 2011

This Sunday, Scott's (my husband) band, The Ragged Orchids is playing in Spartanburg's Jam in the Park - Earth Day Jam! They will play at 6:00pm, Sunday, April 17th... Jam in the Park is held in the Duncan Park Ampitheatre located at the corner of Duncan Park Dr and Union St, Spartanburg, SC, 29306.
Bring a picnic and the kids, it will be a fun day in the park!!!!

"Although the Ragged Orchids are a fairly new band, they have already amassed a significant catalog of original tunes. Their unique blend of Americana, alt-country and pop draws deeply from a well of influences, ranging from Johnny Cash, Elvis Costello, and the no depression roots music movement. Their songs evoke lost love, twisted trysts and small town disillusionment all recanted through a smoky haze of bar room whiskey and southern colloquialisms. Their melodic style is complemented by a poignant lyrical sense, enduring harmonies, and a uniquely American sensibility of country and pop." (quoted from Jam in the Park website)

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