Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another GREAT artist to add to your list!

I know, I know..."how cute!" is what you're saying and so was I when I saw this little robot pillow!!!  I couldn't resist it and I thought even though it doesn't match Pnut's room it will be a great addition to our art collection.  I love art pillows. 

And look at my new hair pin!  I loved the colors and print on this cute little fabric flower.  I got something else but I can't share it cause I'm giving it as a birthday present soon...but it's a great item as well. 

Michelle is an art teacher at Bob Jones University, we met through the daycare when our little girls became friends and so did we!  Michelle paints dreamy landscapes with oil paint.  But I believe her passion is sewing and jewelry making.  I think the story goes...when she found out she was pregnant with her first baby, she decided to make a quilt and she just finished that as well and I just couldn't believe how awesome it was.  Michelle's a genius!

Look Michelle up on facebook so you can get a look at some of her other creations!

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