Friday, March 25, 2011

Thrift store finds today!

Thought I would go by the thrift store today and see how my luck was...pretty good...I did find a few treasures!!!

1. Cute little summer smock top for Pnut, the underlayer is white cotton and the overlay is sheer with butterflies and a crochet like neckline.

2. I love this color of yellow and Pnut looks so good in it too! I'm not really sure that it will fit but I have heard that once she starts walking she may slim down a little and then it might fit. I hope so, it would look great with some cute little red sandles and maybe a pair of red plaid bloomers!

3. I loved this cotton skirt for me, I hope it fits!

4. Some of these are going to my friend Michelle Berg Radford, a local fabric artist and painter. I think she might can make some use, repurpose some of these smaller peices into some really cool jewelry!

5. Last but not least...the cutest Dr. Seuss bib with a little pouch to catch all the mess that little Pnut likes to drop or hide!

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