Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pnut's first trip to the zoo!

First trip to the zoo! We had a great time this weekend at the zoo even though the person working the ticket booth was a booger...rude booger at that...we still had a great time. Clarissa wasn't much into everything there but she did like the giraffes mostly. My sister Gena, Marcus and Romero was visiting so they went with us too. The day was cold and overcast and we thought at first we might not be able to walk through being so cold but we did it anyway. Most of the animals were huddled up trying to stay warm and not that active. The elephants were eating and the giraffes were walking around and licking on the building in their home. Not much action at the zoo this time. I was a little disappointed that the animal homes were not that spacious or lucious in greenery. They could do a LOT better in that department but the animals did look somewhat healthy and content. I'm not big on zoos but at least they are safe in their environment and don't have to work too hard on getting food for the day. Like I said my sister Gena was visiting this long weekend, we had a great time while they were here! We ate good food, went to Falls Park, the baseball field, and the zoo...good times. She mentioned coming home again around Christmas, Ihope she can arrange for that! We will visit San Jose soon but I wanted to wait until Clarissa at least can walk and motor around pretty good then we will go!

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