Friday, March 11, 2011

Jamie Rowe-Rischitelli

I love Jamie's paintings and I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase two last year! I don't think she has a website but she can be found on facebook, just search for Jamie Rowe-Rischitelli. Jamie and I met at the Art-O-Mat swap meet several years ago, her and her husband were kind enough to let me sit with them during breakfast at "Mary's of Course" that morning in Winston-Salem, NC before the swap. I had gone up by myself so I was glad to chat with friendly peeps.
I love her work, it's loose and free so much the way I wish I painted. Each piece is so individual and full of things going on. I also love her color combonations, I would be afraid to do some of her combos but they seem to work for Jamie.
I heard she had some new paintings. You might can talk her into selling them if you're lucky! I hope you will enjoy her work as much as I do :)
(This painting is one of her new ones I believe)

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