Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Birthday weekend!

The picture is Scott when he was a baby and I just can't believe how Clarissa looks just like him!!!
I'm finally getting around to posting about our birthday weekend! Scott turned 50 and Clarissa turned 13 months!!! We had a great family weekend...

-Thrifting - we found some treasures and bargains! Scott found a huge bag of smoking chips for 10 bucks!
-Chilling and sleeping in - Clarissa is finally letting us all sleep in a little, that's with all of us in the bed together!
-Champagne in the morning - I love doing this!
- Birthday lunch with the family Sunday - good food and fun with the baby!
The weekend was over before I knew it. We have lots of fun ahead of us though, Aunt Gena is coming to town. Clarissa met Gena when she was born so she probably won't remember her. I know Gena is excited!

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