Monday, November 9, 2009

What a weekend!

Man, what a weekend!!!!!!

I'm exhausted but excited that the weekend was such a success! I didn't expect the amount of people that came out into the suburbs to see art nor did I expect to sale as much as I did.

Thanks to all that came out and especially to those that bought my art! I like to think that you all will find an special place to display my work within your environment and enjoy it forever!!!

Thank you so much for your support :) Leslie


  1. Leslie, I so enjoyed visiting with you. Your artwork is inspiring! I've bookmarked you site. Who knows, I may do a trading card or two... fascinated with your campaign to save the snail(mail). Donna from HHI

  2. Thank you Donna for coming (husband as well) I hope your stay here was worth the while! Have a great week, Leslie